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"I feel better than I have in years and I owe it to Susan!

Susan is so kind, knowledgeable, professional, caring and helpful. I felt comfortable with her immediately and I knew that I wanted (and needed) her expertise with encapsulating my placenta.

Thank you Susan! My husband and I are so grateful. 

-Stephanie , Okotoks AB

"You have provided my family and I with such an amazing gift that I could never accurately thank you for.

"I have to say, 3 months after William's birth I am still feeling AMAZING and I credit my placenta pills!! Definitely noticed a difference between my first baby and second. I highly highly recommend placenta encapsulation and will recommend you to all of my clients, thank you thank you thank you."

" I was really impressed with how quickly Susan came to pick up the placenta, as well as how fast we got it back! Susan is very friendly and kind and took the time to answer all of my questions. I have recommended her to other expecting mothers, and was happy to hear that my public health nurse not only completely encouraged me to take full advantage of these services, but also took Susan's contact info so she could share it with others as well because she believe's so firmly in it and was impressed with the price and all that Susan includes into her placenta packages!! Thanks Susan!"

" I have recommended Susan to several of my Doula clients and each one of them have raved about how fast the service is and how thoughtful Susan is. I am so grateful to Pure Birth Services for caring as well for my clients as I could ever hope for. I will continue to refer all of my Doula clients here."

-Jen McKinnon CD(DONA)

First Embrace Doula Services

I just wanted to thank you very much for doing the placentas for us!!! I really appreciated your helpfulness and effort to make the capsules in good time, and to get them to us... especially now with our baby already here! I started taking E.'s capsules today and I'm really excited to feel the support from them, and also just to know that I'm taking care of myself so I can be a good mama to him and my daughters!

So, thank you again, and I hope our paths cross again sometime.


"I always swear by those pills!!! every time i feel a little down I pop a couple in."