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Doula Service and prices:

Choosing a doula that is right for you is very important. I will meet with you to determine whether or not we are the right 'fit'. This meeting is completely free of charge and carries no obligation.

If you do choose to hire me I like to meet with you at least twice before birth (approximately one - two hours per visit) so that we can get to know each other. At each meeting we will go over information and questions you may have that help you prepare for the arrival of your baby. I welcome the participation of your spouse or any one else who may be present at your birth.

Upon hiring me I become your personal resource. I am available via email and telephone to answer your questions and offer guidance.

At around the 38th week of your pregnancy, I consider myself on call 24/7 for you. I appreciate being notified as soon as you are in labour. Early labour can be an exciting and confusing time. It is important that we stay in touch so that I can help you feel relaxed and confident as well as for me to make arrangements to be there personally.

When you are ready for the extra support I will come to your home or hospital for the remainder of your labour and until all is well after the arrival of your baby. During this time I help with both your physical and emotional needs. I can also work with your partner and offer suggestions that allow them to participate at their comfort level.

After the delivery I assist with immediate breast feeding support and then help you and your family settle in and prepare for rest.

Additionally I will photograph the event and will write a birth story afterwards to provide to you at your first postpartum visit.

During the 1 -2 postpartum visits I will make sure nursing is going well and your healing is on track. I answer any questions you have about being a new parent and connect you with resources in your community. I look forward to future updates of your progress and am available as a resource for you throughout your breastfeeding and parenting journey.

Please contact me about rates, I am able to do work with you if money is an issue. I believe that every woman deserves a doula!

Placenta Encapsulation:

$175 - I will come and pick up the placenta and deliver it back to you in pill form

$150 - You deliver placenta to me and pick it up in pill form

$200 - I will come to your home to perform the service

$200 - $300 for out of town pick-up or in home service depending on travel distance.

Birth Pools:

$150.00 which includes delivery, pool inflation and necessary items to fill pool as well as pick up. Client is responsible for filling the pool with water and emptying the water afterwards. You will have the pool for a 2 week booking period however we require a phone call within 12 hours after birth to come and get the pool.

Ear Candling:

$40 per session. Includes two ear candles per ear and facial massage! A truly relaxing and purifying treatment!

A discount will be applied for use of more than one of our services, please ask for more info.


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